Spouse contributions

What are the benefits of paying into my spouse’s super account?

If your spouse (married or live-in partner) is earning less than $40,000* or not receiving an income at all, contributing to your spouse’s super account can achieve three valuable outcomes: 

  1. You could receive a tax offset of up to $540 for the year.
  2. Your spouse’s super account will receive a much appreciated top-up.
  3. You increase your chances of enjoying a more comfortable future retirement together.

How much of a tax offset would I receive?

You could get an 18% tax offset by paying up to $3,000 of your after-tax income into your spouse’s account.

Any catches?

No, but there are a few eligibility criteria that you need to satisfy:

  • The total amount of your spouse's assessable income* needs to be less than $40,000.
  • The contributions you make into your spouse's account need to be paid from your after-tax income.
  • Your spouse’s account needs to be with a fund (like us) that is compliant in the financial year that the contribution(s) is made.
  • You're both Australian residents when the contributions are made.
  • You and your spouse are not living permanently apart when the contributions are made.

How do I begin?

If your spouse already has an account with us, you can start to contribute to their account immediately. If not, your spouse will need to join our LUCRF Super Personal Plan before any spouse contributions can be accepted.

Want to know more?

Our financial advisers can help you at no cost. Call us on 1300 130 780.

*Plus total reportable fringe benefits amounts and reportable employer super contributions.