Changing jobs

You can keep your money with us, no matter what industry your new job is in!

It pays to keep your super with us

If you let your new employer decide where your super goes, you could end up with less money when you retire.

A new fund with each new job means multiple super funds, leading to multiple fees and insurance premiums.

By staying with LUCRF Super, you’re with a fund with competitive fees, a history of solid long-term returns, personalised financial advice, and friendly in-house contact centre staff.

We've got 2 easy ways you can take us with you:

1. Complete this online form and send it to your new employer

Choice form


2. Select ‘LUCRF Super’ on the ATO Superannuation Standard choice form that your new employer will give you

Take LUCRF Super with you by following these steps in Section A of the Superannuation Standard choice form.

Section A

  • Choice of superannuation (super) fund.
    Place an X in the APRA fund or retirement savings account (RCA) option box.
  • Fill our your personal details including name, employee ID (if applicable) and tax file number.
  • Nominate your LUCRF Super as your APRA fund or RSA
    Fill in the fields with the LUCRF Super details below.
Fund ABN:26 382 680 883
Fund name:LUCRF Super
Fund address:PO BOX 211 NORTH MELBOURNE VIC 3051
Fund phone:1300 130 780
Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) :LUC0001AU
Your member number:Forgot it? Call us on 1300 130 780

Make sure you attach our Notice of Compliance to the Superannuation Standard Choice Form to confirm that we can accept contributions from your new employer.

You should assess your personal financial situation before making a decision about LUCRF Super. To help you decide we recommend you read our current Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or by calling 1300 130 780.