Remember to protect yourself

Unfortunately, in this connected age we’re all vulnerable to cybercrimes such  as identity theft, scamming, and fraud. It’s important you know how to prevent this happening to you.

Our top tips

  • Constantly update your devices - Keeping up to date with the latest software will mean you can avoid unwanted bugs and  glitches while increasing your device’s information security.
  • Change your passwords regularly - Make sure they’re strong and secure. There are numerous programs out there to keep track of your long, random and complex passwords if you’re worried you can’t keep track of them all!
  • Learn common scams - Phone and email scams continue to be the most common and effective method that hackers  use to get at your data. Bookmark to keep up-to-date with the latest protection measures. 
  • Teach others - Don’t forget to pass your knowledge on. Elderly people are particularly vulnerable and often targeted because of it.