LUCRF Super has ended its partnership with the Australian Jockeys Association

After six years, LUCRF Super has ended its partnership with the Australian Jockeys Association. The partnership, which began in 2013, set out to assist the National Jockeys Trust (NJT) in their objective to provide financial support to injured jockeys and families of jockeys killed while at work.

At the time we entered our partnership with the NJT, jockeys did not receive superannuation and were not entitled to appropriate insurances to cover them in the case of illness, accident or death. In fact, jockeys only started to receive superannuation payments 20 years after other Australian workers did.

We believe that every Australian has the right to financial dignity, and we worked together with the National Jockeys Trust and Australian Jockeys Association to ensure that jockeys received superannuation – as does every other Australian worker.

We’re proud to say that the insurance landscape for Australian jockeys has changed significantly over the course of our partnership. Jockeys who meet basic criteria now have access to different levels of insurance including Death and TPD and Death only cover.

Earlier this year, LUCRF Super decided to end their partnership with the NJT. “After careful consideration and listening to feedback from our members, we felt it was time to relinquish the partnership to another organisation as we achieved the goals that the partnership set out to achieve,” said Chief Executive Officer, Charlie Donnelly.

“We’re proud that we’ve been able to improve the lives of Australian jockeys and ensure they are on the road to achieving financial dignity now, and in retirement.”

We still believe that the NJT is vital in providing for Australian jockeys and wish them every success in finding a new partner.

The LUCRF Super name, which still appears on jockeys’ breeches, will be phased out towards the end of this year.