LUCRF Super media update

You may have read in the media that LUCRF Super along with several other funds was targeted in what appears to have been a sophisticated identity theft and fraud scam. This is further to the communication to you on 26 April 2019 when we became aware of a fraudulent LUCRF Super website.

Criminals have allegedly used various tactics to steal identity and details.

We took immediate steps to report the matter to the relevant authorities and have cooperated with them throughout their investigations.

LUCRF Super has conducted a security review of protocols and procedures. Our ongoing security measures ensure that our members’ funds are protected. 

"Protecting members' interests is LUCRF Super's primary concern. We remain ever vigilant and work hard to ensure our security systems and protocols stay ahead of security threats." 

Charlie Donnelly, LUCRF Super's CEO

If you have any concerns about your own balance, we can provide you with a benefit estimate. Feel free to call us on 1300 130 780 or log in to your Members Online or Member App.

How to keep cyber-safe

Members (and employers) can keep cyber-safe by keeping strong passwords that are regularly updated and using different passwords for each of your online services.

Five practical tips include:

  1. Reset your Members Online password
  2. Update your secret question on the Members Online platform
  3. Add a ‘secret word’ to your LUCRF Super account to ensure a higher level of authentication and security (call us on 1300 130 780)
  4. Bookmark our website and our Members Online portal
  5. Consider changing your other online services passwords