Supporting the vulnerable in our community

Our Community Program (established in 2010) demonstrates our values of fairness, integrity and standing up for one another. We use part of our marketing budget to partner with charities that make a difference in our community. We support our partners to develop sustainable programs that focus on one of four key areas: basic needs, health, skills development and community building. 






One project we’re currently sponsoring is the ARVOs Program at Youth Family Community Connections (YFCC) in Tasmania. Supporting youths living in Devonport and Burnie, this program is focused on building life skills (skills development). Intergenerational unemployment, poverty and welfare dependency are significant issues in north-west Tasmania. 

Through weekly after-school activities, the ARVOs Program promotes social engagement and provides a space
where young people can feel safe and supported.

A range of activities and excursions are offered, including craft and woodwork, cooking, games days and special events. Guest speakers are also regularly featured, discussing varied topics from self-care and confidence to local artists and music. A key component of ARVOs is to build rapport and positive relationships between the social workers who run the program and its participants. This puts the social workers in a position where they can offer assistance and referrals to other services if they recognise the need.

Our Community Program is partnering with YFCC to maximise opportunities for young people on the north-west coast of Tasmania.

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