Q&As regarding our online services

Why was Members Online, the mobile app & Employers Online (QuickSuper) offline all weekend?

On Thursday 18 April, we became aware of a fraudulent website, intending to appear like our legitimate lucrf.com.au website. We have been thoroughly investigating this incident and have ensured that the fraudulent website is no longer in operation.

We hope to have Members Online back online later today, we are waiting on the all clear from our IT security consultants. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, however we won't jeopardise the security of our members' or employers’ information.

What happened?

Someone set up a fake LUCRF Super website to give the appearance of our legitimate website www.lucrf.com.au.

We have had the fake website taken down and it is no longer active.

It's important to note that the actual LUCRF Super website was not compromised in any way.

Why would they do that?

At this stage it's unclear what the motive was behind this attempt, however we know that the fake website included the ability to login, which implies that any members that used the website may have inadvertently provided their login and passwords to these criminals.  

Due to the nature of this incident and ongoing investigations, we cannot reveal any more details at this time.

What did LUCRF Super do?

LUCRF Super implemented its internal procedures for responding to such incidents and made the decision to take Members Online (and the app) & Employers Online (QuickSuper) offline to prevent any potential damage to member accounts.

We engaged IT security consultants immediately who have worked across the weekend to thoroughly investigate the situation and provide updates.

Is my money/personal information safe?

Yes - we've had IT specialists looking into this issue and we continue to monitor member accounts and MOL activity closely. Superannuation funds are required to maintain adequate reserves and insurance to protect member benefits.

How can I access my account information while the online services are down?

While our online services are down, our friendly contact centre will be able to assist you with any account enquiries you may have. Please call us on 1300 130 780.

I’m an employer and want to use QuickSuper to make a payment, what can I do?

For users of our Employers Online portal (QuickSuper), if you have not logged into QuickSuper in the last month, you will be prompted to reset your password using the ‘Reset My Password’ self-service function. If you have logged in to QuickSuper in the last month, as a precautionary measure your account will have been temporarily disabled and you will need to reset your password by contacting our LUCRF Super Employer Administration Team and verifying your credentials. Please contact our team on (03) 9091 1230. Once your password has successfully been reset, you will be able to login and access QuickSuper as per normal.

If you believe you may have accessed the fraudulent website, or you have any questions or concerns, please give our contact centre a call on 1300 130 780. Please click here to view our hours of operation over the ANZAC Day holiday period.