Your money checklist to get back on track in 2018

Be a boss of money matters this year by giving up the resolutions and drawing up a money checklist. It could make 2018 your most prosperous year yet.

Your money checklist represents personal goals that individually, and collectively, improve your finances.  Take some time to think about what would really make a difference to your financial wellbeing (no, we’re not talking Lotto wins), then follow our three-step guide to make your money checklist a personal blueprint for a prosperous 2018.

1. Pick your top three goals

For your money checklist to work it pays to stick to a small number of achievable goals. Select the three goals that matter most to you, rank them in order of importance, and write them down. Presto! You have the beginnings of a money checklist.

2. Set realistic targets

Next, refine those goals. Start by making them specific. If ‘saving more’ is at the top of your checklist, think about how much you can afford to save. Could you manage $20 a week or even $50 a week? Setting measurable targets makes it far easier to stick to your goal.

3. Make it happen

The key to ticking off each goal on your money checklist is to have a plan of action in place. Remember that goal to grow savings by $20 each week? Make it effortless by setting up an automatic transfer to move $20 out of your transaction account into a savings account every week. 

Finally, take a step closer to ticking off each goal on your money checklist by checking you’re getting a good deal on financial products. It’s a lot harder, for instance, to clear the slate on a credit card charging 20% interest when you could pay less than 12% with other cards.

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