LUCRF Super appoints Frontier Advisors as asset consultant

LUCRF Super is pleased to announce the appointment of Frontier Advisors Pty Ltd (Frontier) as the fund’s asset consultant with effect from October 2017.

LUCRF Super undertook a full review of its asset consulting requirements and engaged Rice Warner in May 2017 to assist with the review.

Michael Berg, senior consultant at Rice Warner, stated “Rice Warner assessed various asset consultants against the specific selection criteria agreed with LUCRF Super. This took into account a combination of capabilities, alignment with LUCRF Super’s requirements, and proposed operating models to ensure the fund is able to maximise the benefit of their capabilities.”

“As a result of the review process, Frontier was considered to be the best overall fit for LUCRF Super, taking into account its expertise in asset allocation, track record advising industry funds, capability of specialist consultants, cultural alignment and the strength of the team put forward to service the fund.”

LUCRF Super CEO, Charlie Donnelly, said “LUCRF Super regularly reviews key outsourcing arrangements to ensure that the quality and depth of service remains optimal to ensure members’ interests are best served. The asset consultant appointment is critical to our core purpose of helping our members achieve financial dignity, now and in retirement.”

“We chose Frontier as a most suitable partner to provide asset consulting services given their proven track record with mid-sized industry funds like us, an adaptable consulting model which is attuned to the different demographics and cash flow profiles of their various clients, and client-accessible technology,” he said.

Frontier replaces Willis Towers Watson who has been the fund’s asset consultant since 2005.

Donnelly thanked Willis Towers Watson for their support over the past 12 years. “On behalf of LUCRF Super, I wish to thank Willis Towers Watson and their personnel for their hard work and helping develop and guide the fund’s investment process, philosophy and actions to ensure that investment decisions were made in the best interest of members,” he said.