Riding alongside Australian jockeys this Spring

Spring is here and for many of us our attention turns to Spring racing – the colour, the carnival and tradition.

None of that would be possible though, without the dedication of more than 850 jockeys around Australia who put their own health and lives on the line every day.

Imagine working in the most dangerous job in Australia. When a jockey is injured in a fall, too often they find themselves facing significant injury and financial hardship.


Over the last 12 months, with the support of LUCRF Super, the National Jockeys’ Trust has helped more than 35 jockeys and their families to get back on their feet after career-ending, life-changing accidents.

So when you see the LUCRF Super name on jockeys’ breeches this Spring, spare a thought for those courageous men and women and know that your super fund is getting behind Australian jockeys.

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