One year on…. still saving lives in East Africa

When LUCRF’s Community Partnership Trust responded to an urgent call for help from Save the Children for its Horn of Africa Famine Appeal, East Africa was facing its worst drought in 60 years.

This, combined with conflict, chronic poverty and malnutrition and a lack of access to clean water meant that more than 6 million children living in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya faced starvation.

The Community Partnership Trust and a group of LUCRF Super’s employer organisations together contributed $50,000 to the cause, an amount which was matched dollar for dollar by a Federal Government scheme on offer at the time.

One year on, although the situation in East Africa is far from resolved, the donation from the Community Partnership Trust has been part of the largest emergency responses in the history of Save the Children.

Much-needed healthcare, food, water, education and protection services have been delivered to an estimated 3.4 million children and their families through large-scale health, nutrition and water programs. Preventative health services such as immunisation and the distribution of mosquito nets have formed part of the response.

“If Save the Children were not here I do not know what we would do…I am grateful for the food they have given my son, and the family ration they have given us.” Asman, father, Mogadishu, Somalia, June 2012

Save the Children will continue to support children and families in East Africa for as long as it takes to recover and build resilience into the future.