Industry super funds still outperforming retail funds

The latest research released by The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) for the March 2011 quarter reveals that industry super funds have continued to outperform retail funds (such as those owned by major banks and insurance companies).

Industry funds have performed almost 2% better than retail funds this financial year-to-date (13% compared to 11.1%)1.

According to APRA data collected over the past six and a half years, industry funds have outperformed retail funds by almost 2% per annum on average. This difference in performance could amount to significant differences in total retirement savings.

David Whiteley, Chief Executive of Industry Super Network, gave the following example, “$100,000 invested in the average industry super fund in September 2004 would be worth $147,000 in March 2011, compared with $131,000 for the same amount invested in an average retail super fund. This is a difference of $16,000 in less than seven years” 1.

This research provides another reason why staying with LUCRF Super, Australia’s first industry fund could maximise your retirement nest egg.

*Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

 1. Industry Super Network (ISN), 2011, New APRA data shows continued industry super fund outperformance of chronically underperforming retail funds, media release, ISN, Melbourne, 9 June.