Pre-mixed investment options

Diversified options that contain a strategic mix of growth and defensive assets from various asset classes.

The pre-defined proportion of growth and defensive assets is unique to each option, which caters for a wide range of risk levels. This gives you the opportunity to select the option(s) that best suits your own investment profile and risk appetite.

Pre-mixed investment options

We constantly monitor and assess our Strategic Asset Allocations (SAAs) for each of the investment options we offer. Where appropriate, we implement changes to take into account any shift in market conditions with the aim to reduce our exposure to the current volatility experienced in global investment markets.

From time to time, the Trustee may alter our MySuper Balanced or other investment options, or the investment strategy of an investment strategy of an investment option. We may also add, close, or remove investment options. This may occur without prior notification or your consent.

*The MySuper Balanced (default) option is the same as the Balanced (default) option available to Pension members.