How to make an investment choice

On joining LUCRF Super, you will automatically be invested in our MySuper Balanced (default) option unless you choose your own investment mix.

We believe that our MySuper Balanced* option best meets the long-term investment needs for the majority of our members.

However, you can choose to invest your super in any of our ten investment options to cater to your unique circumstances.

There are several factors to consider, including your:

  • investment time horizon
  • life expectancy
  • investment profile
  • attitude towards risk.

Watch this short video to help you better understand which option(s) might suit your personal circumstances.



We can help you with these considerations by providing you with personalised financial advice. Call 1300 130 780 to discuss.

Frequently asked questions

How do I change my investment options?

Once you've considered your options, you can apply your investment choices at Members Online.

You can also fill in a Member Investment Choice Form and send it to LUCRF Super, PO Box 211, North Melbourne VIC 3051 or scan and email it to

When can I make a change?

You can change your investment option at any time.

Will it cost me anything to change my investment options?

There is no fee applied when you change your investment options.

When will my change of investment option take effect and how are rates of return applied?

Member investment switches for existing balances and future contributions take effect as follows:

You can make one investment change on any business day to your existing available account balance. You cannot make another change until that first change is completed (usually two business days after your first request was received). If you make a request before 4pm AEST/AEDT on any business day, your account will be invested in your new investment choice effective for the unit price allocated for that day, which will not be known for at least one to two business days. Your new investment choice will be available in your account two business days after your request was received.

Requests received on or after 4pm AEST/AEDT on a business day, or on weekends or public holidays, will be effective using the unit price allocated for the next available business day. Changing your investment option(s) for your existing available account balance involves selling units in the option you’re currently invested in and using those proceeds to buy units in your new selected investment option. The transactions are completed on the same business day and use the unit prices for that day. While these unit prices are being calculated, the amount of your account balance submitted for an investment change is removed from your available balance and becomes a pending balance until the unit prices are finalised and the new units are allocated to your account.

Please note that changing your investment options during times of market volatility may result in locking in a loss. Frequent changes between investment options, or attempts to time investment market movements, present a risk to your account balance and future earnings. We do not support frequent changes between investment options and we’re not responsible for evaluating the suitability of any change(s) you choose to make. While we don’t normally limit the number of changes you can make to your investment option(s), we do monitor members’ accounts for frequent changes over short time periods. This type of activity can have a harmful effect on the fund and other members. If it’s determined that a member’s excessive changing of investment options is having a harmful effect on the fund and other members, we reserve the right to limit the number of changes that member can make. This is in the best interest of all members.

If you change how your super is invested, investment earnings will be calculated and ‘locked-in’ (as either a credit or a debit) using the relevant daily unit price as at the date of the change. Your account balance is then invested in your new investment choice according to the percentages you have requested.