Insurance offer for new members

When you first join LUCRF Super, you have the option to increase your default insurance and may be able to get more cover without having to provide any medical evidence.

You must act on this offer within 90 days of receiving your ‘Welcome letter’. In both cases below, you’ll need to answer some screening questions in your application, and, if our insurer is satisfied, you can increase your cover.

What is the offer for Death & TPD insurance?

You can increase your default insurance of 2 units of Death & TPD up to our automatic acceptance levels of either:

  • a maximum of 8 units of Death & TPD cover


  • a maximum of 8 units of Death Only cover.

Note: If you choose to change to Death Only cover, your TPD insurance will stop from the date your application is accepted.

What is the offer for Income Protection?

If you have an employer who pays into your super account, you may obtain up to $700 per week of Income Protection cover with a two-year benefit period, and a 30-day waiting period.

If you want to increase your cover to more than $700 per week (or up to $700 per week and the 90-day period has ended), you’ll need to complete a Member Income Protection Form. If you’d like to apply for a five-year benefit period, you’ll need to complete a Member Income Protection Form and a OnePath Personal Statement and return them to us.

Default Income Protection insurance is available to eligible permanent employees of Woolworths NSW.

For further information on Income Protection, head to our Insurance Guide, call us on 1300 130 780 or email us at