Insurance matching

If you have Death & TPD or Death Only insurance with another super fund, you can apply to have your existing level of insurance matched by LUCRF Super.

Simply follow the steps below to make an application for your current cover to be matched by LUCRF Super.

  1. Complete a Member Insurance Matching Form (see Related content), and
  2. Attach a copy of your most recent statement detailing the type and level of cover you have with the other fund (if cover has changed since this statement, then provide evidence of the new type and levels of cover), and
  3. If applicable, attach a copy of any special acceptance terms that were agreed with your other fund (e.g. any restrictions, exclusions or limitations).

PLEASE NOTE: You can only apply for matching cover under the age of 60.

LUCRF Super will match cover up to a value of $1 million. Any amount over this needs to be assessed by our Insurer. If your application is accepted, your new insurance cover will be subject to LUCRF Super’s terms and conditions. These may differ from your existing policy/ies, so please take care to read our terms and conditions before you cancel any other policy/ies.

If accepted, LUCRF Super will provide you with a sufficient number of Fixed Premium units which will ensure that the amount of insurance provided, as a minimum, matches your cover held with your other super fund. Do not cancel your existing insurance arrangements until you have received confirmation in writing that your request has been accepted by LUCRF Super. 

Further terms and conditions apply, please contact the Fund directly for information on 1300 130 780.