Death and TPD

LUCRF Super offers two types of Death & TPD and Death Only cover:

  • Fixed Premium, and
  • Fixed Amount.

Fixed Premium

This is where the premium (cost) of your insurance is set at a fixed cost per unit. Whilst the premium remains the same, the total insured amount will reduce as you age.

The premium is charged for each unit of insurance that you receive. This cost is maintained at $3.00 per week (per unit) for Death & TPD, and $1.50 per week (per unit) for Death Only insurance.

The amount of cover you can apply for depends on the type of work you do. The work categories available are Light Blue, White Collar and Professional.

Fixed Amount

This type of cover enables you to apply for a specific dollar amount of insurance that suits you. The premium is charged per $1,000 of cover you receive.

The type of work you do will determine if your premiums are applied at the Light Blue, White Collar or Professional rate. Whilst the amount of cover is fixed and does not change, the premium you pay will increase as you age.

Work categories

To reflect the various risks associated with the different jobs people do, there are three work categories - Light Blue, White Collar and Professional.

Light Blue

For members in traditional blue collar roles, whose work includes some degree of manual labour usually conducted outside an office environment.

White Collar

Where the duties of your occupation are limited to professional, administrative, clerical, secretarial, or similar deskbound (sedentary) tasks that do not involve manual work and are undertaken entirely (or at least 80%) within an office environment.


For members who meet the following criteria:

Your current annual salary package (including superannuation guarantee contributions) is at least $150,000 per annum and you spend at least 80% of your time in an office or similar environment carrying out these office based duties and either:

1. You are a Professional white-collar worker with a university degree qualification relevant to the field of your main occupation
2. You are an executive or senior managerial white-collar worker and not self-employed.

Varying your cover

Where you have Death &TPD cover, you can cancel the TPD cover, or both Death & TPD cover. You cannot cancel the Death cover only while retaining the TPD cover.

Fixed Premium Cover

 Light BlueWhite CollarProfessional
Current Age

Death & TPD

$3 per week per unit of cover

Death Only

$1.50 per week per unit of cover

Death & TPD

$3 per week per unit of cover

Death  Only

$1.50 per week per unit of cover

Death & TPD

$3 per week per unit of cover

Death  Only

$1.50 per week per unit of cover

14 to 29$134,730$90,720 $219,350$147,720$253,980$171,040
30 to 34$132,050$68,300$214,900$111,200$248,830$128,760
35 to 39$106,290$68,300 $173,170$111,200$200,500$128,760
40 to 44$59,180$51,130$96,320$83,340$111,520$96,500
45 to 49$29,650$29,650$48,230$48,230$55,830$55,830 
50 to 54$16,630$29,650$27,110$48,230$31,380$55,830 
55 to 59$9,790$29,650$16,170 $48,230 $18,710 $55,830
60 to 64$8,850$26,570$14,500$43,260$16,790$50,090
65 to 69$6,040*$16,780 $9,550*$27,990$11,050*$32,410

Fixed Amount Cover

 Light BlueWhite CollarProfessional
Current AgeDeath & TPDDeath OnlyDeath & TPDDeath OnlyDeath & TPDDeath Only
14 to 29$1.16$0.86$0.71$0.53$0.61$0.46
30 to 34$1.18$1.14$0.73$0.70$0.63$0.61
35 to 39$1.47$1.14$0.90$0.70$0.78$0.61
40 to 44$2.64$1.53$1.62$0.94$1.40$0.81
45 to 49$5.26$2.63$3.24$1.62$2.79$1.40
50 to 54$9.38$2.63$5.75$1.62$4.97$1.40
55 to 59$15.94$2.63$9.65$1.62$8.34$1.40
60 to 64$17.63$2.94$10.76$1.80$9.29$1.56
65 to 69$25.83*$4.65$16.34*$2.79$14.12*$2.41
*TPD cover is restricted to 'TPD Definition 2' only, once you're aged 65 and over, on the event date.