Online calculators allow you to try out different scenarios.

Please keep in mind that they are, however, only predictions of what could happen in the future.

Don't make decisions based solely on the outcome of a calculator and always consider getting licensed financial advice when making super or retirement plans.

The MoneySmart website, which has been developed by the Australian Federal Government and the Australian Securites and Investments Commission (ASIC), features a number of useful calculators, which have been provided here for your convenience.


There are also calculators for other topics on the MoneySmart website, which you may find useful. Calculators may be added or changed from time to time. Please visit the MoneySmart website to see more calculators about borrowing and credit, managing money and investing.

With this in mind, any questions related to their use, the assumptions behind their calculations or other issues should be directed to the MoneySmart website.

Calculators and planners

Superannuation calculator

Work out how much super you'll have when you retire and the impact of fees. This calculator also makes it easy for you to estimate and compare the costs of contributing into another superannuation fund.

Superannuation contributions optimiser

Works out what type of super contributions will give you the most spending money in retirement (including co-contributions).

Retirement planner

How much income are you likely to have after you retire and what you can do now to boost your super.

Employer contributions calculator

Work out how much super your employer should be contributing for you.

Account based pension calculator

Work out how long can you expect your pension to last and see if you can make it last longer with lower fees or a different investment option.

Super and pension age calculator

Works out when you can access your super and get the age pension.

Savings goal calculator

How long it will take to reach your savings goal? It also provides suggestions for how you can save.

Budget planner

A tool that help you work out what you spend your money on and ways to save more.