Why your employees should consider income protection insurance

Even though your employees may be entitled to WorkCover through your company, it is still worth them considering income protection insurance to provide an additional level of cover.

Income protection provides cover for injuries and illnesses that occur either at the workplace or outside of work. Casual employees are now eligible for income protection insurance too.

 Income Protection*WorkCover
Cover providedReplacement income up to 85% (10% contributed to your super account) of your pre-disability income if unable to work due to illness or injuryWages, medical expenses and rehabilitation costs
What it coversAny accident or injury either at home or work, anywhere in the worldWork related injuries and illnesses
Who is eligibleAny employed person including casuals and  self-employed workers that meet requirementsUsually doesn't cover self-employed workers
Length of benefitUp to 5 yearsLength of the benefit will vary from state to state
CostDependent upon selected coverNo cost – cover is provided by employer

*For full terms and conditions refer to our Insurance Guide. Please note any WorkCover payments received will offset your income protection payments.

"LUCRF Super has been great. My wife and I are expecting a baby in three months. Recently I've applied for more units for Death, TPD and Income Protection. Knowing that you’re covered if anything was to happen takes a lot of stress away". Robbie, LUCRF Super member, NSW