Received something about our 40th birthday recently?

LUCRF Super was formed in 1978 with the support of the Federated Storemen and Packers Union, now the National Union of Workers.

The formation of LUCRF Super was a turning point in superannuation. It transformed it from a system that supported only the privileged few, into one that strived to meet the retirement needs of every Australian worker.

We’re proud of our history and as we turn 40, we’re celebrating by giving you a gift. To make sure you don't miss out, register before 31 January using the unique code we sent you.

Step 1: Register

Visit and register your interest using your unique code. This code would have been sent to you by email or mail. 

You'll receive a link to claim your gift. This link will be valid for 30 days.


Step 2: Claim

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Step 3: Redeem

Follow the instructions on where and how to redeem your voucher. Then enjoy!


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