Why have you received this communication?

Charlie LUCRF Super CEO

Your LUCRF Super account has been identified as having a low balance (under $6,000) and being inactive (there has been no account activity for over 16 months).

This indicates that you may have multiple super accounts, meaning your retirement savings are at risk of being eroded by multiple sets of fees.

At LUCRF Super we always put members first, so we don’t want this to happen. We’ve therefore led a new initiative, together with other Industry super funds, to protect your super for your retirement.

What does this mean for you?

Unless you tell us otherwise, your account will be transferred to AUSfund, who will run a cross-fund matching program with other participating funds. This aims to combine your LUCRF Super account with any other active super account you may have. Where no match is found, your account will be held with AUSfund until they can reunite you with your super or you claim it yourself.

Any insurance cover or other benefits you had with us will cease and:

  1. you won't be able to make a claim for insurance benefits for events or conditions that arise after your cover has ceased
  2. future applications for insurance cover through your superannuation may be subject to a health assessment and acceptance by the insurer, and you may not be able to get cover

Why AUSfund?

AUSfund is an eligible rollover fund owned by industry funds. It acts as a holding place for low-balance inactive accounts transferred from other funds, including ours.

AUSfund have low fees (helping to preserve your savings) and their investment returns are projected to be above CPI. If your account is transferred, you’ll continue to receive customer service and support, and receive a member statement annually.

Read the AUSfund PDS available at or call AUSfund direct on 1300 361 798 to learn more.

It's important that you contact us on 1300 130 780 before 30 April 2019, if you want to opt out of being declared inactive and having your account transferred to AUSfund.