The name behind every jockey

Since 2013, we have been the proud principal sponsor of the Australian Jockeys’ Association (AJA). 

Statistics have shown riding to be the most dangerous job on land.

Through the sponsorship of jockeys’ breeches, we make a financial commitment to the National Jockeys Trust (NJT) to ensure strong ongoing support for injured jockeys and their families.

The NJT was established in 2004 to provide immediate and ongoing financial support to Australian jockeys who have suffered life-changing injuries and illnesses. It also provides support to families of riders who have passed away and require assistance.


Did you know?

  • 89% of jockeys have experienced at least one fall during their career that required medical attention

  • Each year, 40% of jockeys will have a fall that on average will prevent them from working for five weeks

  • As most jockeys work on a sub-contractor basis, they don’t have the usual workplace entitlements such as sick leave

  • More than a third of Australia’s jockeys are involved in a fall each year

  • Four to five jockeys every year will sustain injuries that result in permanent disability.

Sadly, even the finest jockeys can suffer from serious injuries that can plunge them and their families into financial hardship, despite the protection of accident insurance.

Since its inception, the National Jockeys Trust has supported over 260 jockeys with more than $2.7 million.

This partnership provides us with a unique opportunity to build our brand in a responsible and meaningful way, consistent with our own values.

So when you see our name on jockeys’ breeches, spare a thought for those courageous men and women and know that your super fund is getting behind them. 

Melbourne Cup winning jockey, Michelle Payne is proud to be associated with LUCRF Super.

The financial support LUCRF Super provides to the National Jockeys Trust changes lives. I’m confident that I speak for every jockey in Australia when I say that I’m extremely proud to wear the LUCRF Super name.”

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Statistics provided by the Australian Jockeys' Association.