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The Australian Refugee Association Inc. is a non-government, not-for-profit charity organisation dedicated to helping refugees settle in Australia. Based in South Australia, ARA provides advice, assistance, advocacy and practical support to enable refugees to become independent and productive citizens.


Youth Ambassador Program
Jan 2019 - Dec 2019

Established in 1975, the Australian Refugee Association's (ARA) group programs and services focus on education, employment, recreation, housing, youth, migration, and community development.

Building leadership, teamwork and advocacy skills, as well as confidence and resilience, are key outcomes of the Youth Ambassador Program designed for youths primarily from a refugee background.

“Joining ARA has been amazing because it has helped me build my confidence in public speaking and also to understand about other cultures and religions. I have learnt about other people that are like me and how I can get along with others. It has also shown me ways that I could help people around me. A good life comes from helping people and bringing happiness to someone who can’t speak for themselves by showing them that you care for them. By sharing your story, you can really make a change and open up someone’s life.” - ARA 2018 Youth Ambassador

Our Community Program is sponsoring the 7th Youth Ambassador Program in Adelaide, South Australia. Our support will enable ARA to employ a specialised project officer to deliver the ten-month program in 2019. Local high schools will nominate up to four students to join the program, which is run by ARA in Salisbury. In 2018, 33 students from 14 schools across Adelaide participated.

The successful program helps students, mostly from refugee backgrounds, come together to develop skills in public speaking, communication, emotional intelligence, cultural awareness and advocacy. It incorporates volunteering, events and fundraising and promotes harmony and understanding of the refugee plight in the broader community.

Program highlights

The leadership camp brings young people together for workshops that explore cross-cultural interaction, leadership, team-building and creative arts.

"The resilience workshop helped me grow personally and helped me discover who I am. The ARA Panel was really inspiring to hear all the stories and know that you're not alone." - Leadership camp student

We also supported the ARA’s Youth drop-in @ Salisbury project (Jul 2016-Jun 2018)

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