Kelly Tunbridge

Kelly Tunbridge has been with LUCRF Super as long as she can remember.

“Being a LUCRF Super member, I don’t even have to think about my super. I know it’s in good hands with low fees and good returns and it’s so easy to manage.”

Married with two young children, Kelly has been employed as a senior buyer and brand manager for a homewares importer and wholesaler since 2008. She’s always been interested in product sourcing and international trade so her job is a perfect fit.

Going on maternity leave for the first time was a challenge for her.

“It was the first time since age 14 that I didn’t have my own income and I was reliant on my partner,” she explains. “This was unsettling for an independent person like myself. It also made me realise that I would lose super payments which put me behind in the long run. It’s a challenge everyone will face. In hindsight I should have been supplementing my super in the years leading up to having children.” 

In the small amount of spare time she has, Kelly, an avid crafter, enjoys creating themed parties and events for her family and friends as well as using her crafting skills to support her son’s school.

Kelly’s next big challenge is to return to full-time work and focus on her career once her daughter starts school.

“Finding the balance of a working parent will be a struggle as it is for everyone,” she says. “You need to adjust as you go along and there isn’t just one path that suits everyone.”

Even though her retirement is still a long way off, Kelly trusts that LUCRF Super will help her achieve her ultimate plans for life after working: “Travel, travel, travel and more travel!”