Banks aren't super

LUCRF Super is run only to benefit you, and will always put your interests first.

That’s why we are supporting a TV ad campaign about the big banks pressuring the Federal Government to change our super system.

Check out the TV ad below.

We think the big banks have a plan for super that will benefit them at the expense of millions of hardworking Australians.

The big banks are trying to get the government to dismantle the model of not-for-profit super funds like us that are run only to benefit their members, and don’t help generate profits for shareholders.

The big banks also want the government to remove protections in the Fair Work system which provides employers with a list of quality approved funds that they can use at their workplace as a default fund.

We are concerned about the changes the banks are pushing for and the impact they may have on our members and returns over the long term. The campaign is intended to defend the type of super that experience has shown delivers more for members.

We want the government and other members of Parliament to defend the interests of our members by opposing the changes proposed by the banks.

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