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Super for AMSRO employees

LUCRF Super is the default superannuation fund for AMSRO employees in Australia.

With LUCRF Super, your hard-earned dollars are invested in a fund that's been around since 1978. All profits that we receive go straight back to benefit you and other members.

As an AMSRO employee, you work hard and deserve the security of a comfortable retirement. That's why you can rely on LUCRF Super to maximise your retirement savings.

Upcoming seminars

We'll be running information seminars for AMSRO staff. For future seminar dates please check with your site manager.

Your LUCRF Super team representatives

Bradley Meaney
0448 580 486
Fernando Duran
0409 412 899
Andrew Hambling
0422 596 876
Greg Moran
0438 183 008
Melissa Smythe
0400 593 543

Need help finding your super?

If you're already a LUCRF Super member, we can do a super search on your behalf and combine your funds into one LUCRF Super account. Start the process now.

Before combining your super you should check how it might affect your insurance in other funds and if there are any exit fees.

Boost your super with salary sacrifice. 

Salary sacrifice is a great way to grow your super and pay less tax. 

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How do you start salary sacrificing?

Simply complete a Request for  Payroll Deduction Form and hand it directly to your payroll department. AMSRO will notify us of the contribution type and amount when making your superannuation payments.

How much can you salary sacrifice?

The concessional contribution limit for 2017/18 is $25,000 regardless of your age. Any excess concessional contributions above these limits will be taxed at a higher rate.

Important things to consider

  • If you are aged between 65 and 75, you will need to meet the work test (which requires that you work a minimum of 40 hours in a continuous 30-day period during the financial year) to make either personal or salary sacrifice contributions to your super.
  • If you are aged 75 or over, you are not eligible to contribute.
  • Tax treatment of salary sacrifice (before-tax) contributions is different to that of personal super contributions (after-tax), therefore it may not suit your circumstances.
  • Check with payroll which gross pay figure they will be using to calculate your 9.5% SG contributions – will it be before or after your salary sacrifice has been deducted? 

Important news

Market update

We work hard to deliver strong investment returns over the long term. To see how we’re tracking, read our latest Market Update.


For further information about LUCRF Super, please have a read through the following publications.

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